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Social Media, Video Chat, And Other Tech Bring New Meaning to “Internet Connection”

OBC Hosts Virtual Party To Rally Support For Community

During this global pandemic, one thing we’ve been incredibly thankful for is the technology we have, like social media and video chat apps. Social media platforms can often be viewed negatively, whether it’s because they are viewed as a waste of time or as a means to spread misinformation, but now it’s our only safe means of feeling connected to anyone or anything. We’re relying on apps like Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype to feel connected to those we care about. We feel fortunate to have technology that can give us a virtual “connection” during a time of necessary physical isolation.

We’ve seen creativity flourish as those with extra time on their hands come up with ways to occupy themselves and others, and we’ve seen new levels of innovation and support as those with skills and businesses work to share what they have with others. We even shared a few workout videos in our previous blog, Beyond the Field: Train Like No One Is Watching, so you can do at-home workouts that will keep you in shape. Music artists are doing “concerts” from their homes by going live on social media, restaurants and food apps are offering $0 delivery fees so you can support local businesses, and companies are allowing their employees to work from home while keeping communication open via Zoom and other communication tools. Today’s technology is making our “new normal” a lot more comfortable and tolerable, and we’re excited to see where else it can take us.

As the Orange Blossom Classic approaches, we’ve done our own brainstorming on how to bring our community together in a time of need. The coaches are active on social media and are doing their part to share motivation and positivity for their teams, and we’re doing continuous updates on our website and social media too, but we wanted to join in on the fun too!

This Saturday, April 18th, we’ll be hosting a virtual party with one of the official Orange Blossom Classic DJs, DJ Tight. You’ll be able to tune in to our Facebook and Instagram Live between 6pm and 8pm ET. We’ll have great music, plus we’ll be collecting donations for our scholarship fund to help a select group of graduating students that have been accepted to a historically black college or university get the education they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. Join us, and don’t forget to share the live video so others can tune in with you!

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